COAA was founded to provide a forum for Owners to meet, share common goals, learn, discuss, survey the future, and share a collective voice. Contact COAA today to learn more about COAA's many Owner-focused programs.

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Construction Owners Association of America, Inc.

5000 Austell Powder Springs Road, Suite 217

Austell, GA 30106

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Phone Numbers

770-433-0820 (General Inquiries)

800-994-2622 (Toll Free)

404-577-3551 (Fax)


COAA Staff

Howie S. Ferguson, P.E.
Executive Director
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Lucie Castro

Manager, Membership & Chapters
678-426-2770 (Direct)
404-577-3551 (Fax)
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Laticia King
Manager, Marketing & Communications
678-426-2780 (Direct)
404-577-3551 (Fax)
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Jill McKenzie, CAE
Manager, Meetings & Sponsorship
678-426-2771 (Direct)
404-577-3551 (Fax)
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Staff by Subject:

Subject Staff  Contact Information
Awards Committee & Program Lucie Castro or  678-426-2770
Call for Volunteers Lucie Castro or  678-426-2770
Career Center Lucie Castro or  678-426-2770
Chapters Lucie Castro or  678-426-2770
COAA Exchange (e-newsletter) Laticia King or 678-426-2780
Communications Committee Laticia King or 678-426-2780
Communications and Marketing for all programs and events Laticia King or 678-426-2780
Conferences Jill McKenzie or 678-426-2771
Documents Committee Howie Ferguson or 678-426-2777
e-Catalog Lucie Castro or  678-426-2770
Education Jill McKenzie or 678-426-2771
e-Forum Lucie Castro or  678-426-2770
Industry Relations Committee Laticia King or 678-426-2780
Media and Press Laticia King or 678-426-2780
Membership Lucie Castro or  678-426-2770
Owner Training Institute (OTI) Jill McKenzie or 678-426-2771
Owners Perspective (print magazine) Laticia King or 678-426-2780
Scholarship Committee & Program Lucie Castro or  678-426-2770
Sponsorships  Jill McKenzie or 678-426-2771
Webinars Jill McKenzie or 678-426-2771
Website Laticia King or 678-426-2780
Workforce Development Committee Laticia King or 678-426-2780
ConsensusDocs COAA Staff Liaison Howie Ferguson or 678-426-2777