COAA is committed to educating Owners so they can be successful in the design and construction of their buildings and facilities.


One of the most important ways COAA fulfills its mission to support construction project owners is through its Spring and Fall Owners Leadership Conferences and its Owner Training Institute.


COAA holds 2½-day conferences twice a year around the country, including recent meetings in Pittsburgh, Austin, San Diego, Chicago, Baltimore, Tampa, St. Louis, and Las Vegas.  Each conference is geared to educate and foster information-sharing on issues and trends related to project management, design, and construction.  COAA is known for being an intensely focused, "nuts & bolts" group that helps stir debate and thought on relevant topics of interest to the industry at large.  COAA conference attendees (approximately 200 – 275 per conference), are fairly sophisticated when it comes to design, construction, and project management.


The COAA Owner Training Institute® consists of Owner Training Courses, live webinars and on demand content, all designed to provide core training essential to the successful management of projects by owners' project managers.  Training is developed "for Owners, by Owners" and is provided through a variety of delivery methods including 14 in-person training courses, and live & on-demand webinars.