ConsensusDocs Gold Standard Comments

Gold Standard Comments are one of COAA's member benefits developed by COAA's Documents Committee to provide recommendations to the ConsensusDocs form set.

COAA seeks to provide to Owners a set of contract documents that protect the Owner’s interest, implement best industry practices, while at the same time treating the Constructor and Design Professional fairly.

Through its participation in the industry coalition that created ConsensusDocs, COAA has presented the Owner’s voice throughout the drafting process. The ConsensusDocs forms reflect the Owner’s presence at the drafting table in many important sections and reflect COAA’s philosophy that Owners should be more educated regarding their projects and should delegate less responsibility to the design professional.

However, it is important to note that all form document sets must be conformed and configured for the needs of the specific project and for the experience and requirements of the individual owner. COAA recommends the Owner begin the contract drafting process with ConsensusDOCS forms and further offers general recommendations for consideration by the Owner as the Owner prepares the contract document set for each project.

These Gold Standard Comments compile the dialogs and recommendations found in the ConsensusDocs Guidebook as well as particular recommendations available only to COAA members. Consultation with construction counsel to conform each document to your needs is an important part of the process.

Gold Standard Comments

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