COAA is Charter ConsensusDocs-Endorsing Organization

ConsensusDocs was founded in 2007 under the leadership of 20 organizations in the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry (including COAA) with one goal in mind: to help the industry build a better way by developing contracts that protect the best interests of the project. In order to do so, the ConsensusDocs Coalition created a process dependent upon trust, collaboration, and innovation.

That coalition now includes 40 diverse organizations representing all sides of the table - Owners, builders, designers, trade contractors, sureties, and others.

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By fairly allocating risk and incorporating best practices, ConsensusDocs helps you reduce costly claims and contingencies, saving your project time and money.

Jim Teahan
Tehan Ltd.

I prefer ConsensusDocs to other industry form contracts. Off the shelf, they are clear and comprehensive and allocate risk reasonably to all project members. They strive to serve the project rather than any single participant. They are also easy to edit to reflect the particular needs of an owner on any given project. Owners can maintain edited templates that reflect their way of doing business on issues like payment, insurance, submittals and disputes. There's not a better form of contract in the industry.