About COAA

Founded in 1994, the Construction Owners Association of America (COAA) is a national organization of public and private owners who manage facilities development and capital improvement projects. COAA supports Owners' success in the design and construction of buildings and facilities through education, information, and collaboration.


Building Owners and Developers build, not as a primary business, but as a secondary objective. Owners and Developers stand alone in the complex, changing construction process, representing themselves in a major financial commitment. The management of the design and construction process requires knowledge of an industry whose technology evolves and changes continuously. It requires interfacing with all the groups involved in the construction process. Timing becomes critical to the Owner's bottom line. Changes and decision-making endlessly occur. Disputes and litigation may become an issue.

Owners and Developers, both public and private, needed a forum -- a meeting place to gather, share common goals, learn, discuss, survey the future, and share a collective voice. These are the goals that fostered the founding of the Construction Owners Association of America.