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Education is at the crux of everything COAA does.

COAA’s primary mission is to educate, inform, and equip Owners … to help them become better Owners and deliver better projects.  In-person or virtual events are the primary means of accomplishing these goals – national conferences, Owner Training Institute (OTI) courses, webinars, and chapter workshops.

COAA members also deepen their knowledge with the 24/7 eForum, the digital Owners Perspective magazine, and the eCatalog repository.

COAA volunteers play an enormous role in delivering knowledge to Owners, serving as OTI instructors; members of the Education Committee, Conference Committee, and OTI Advisory Group; and leaders of COAA chapters, helping plan and execute workshops.


Your 24/7 means of connecting with other COAA members, posing a question, benchmarking, or seeking help with a challenge.  Channels available for specific topics or themes and participants can attend a monthly live discussion called the eForum xChange.  Opt in if you haven't already!

Once a month, eForum members can participate in a live 1-hour facilitated discussion that's normally focused on a specific topic.  Mark your calendar and attend the eForum xChange!


Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to?

The eCatalog is an all-new repository of documents, templates, articles, reports, and other resources for Owners and their partners.  COAA members will find an organized wealth of knowledge on everything from programming and consultant selection to closeout.

And – in keeping with The COAA Way – members will “pay it forward” by submitting resources they believe might help others.

Owners Perspective

Owners Perspective is COAA's flagship digital publication. Published biannually for COAA members, Owners Perspective offers a wide variety of content - from technical articles to opinion pieces and member features.

Member Only Recordings

Recordings from several past COAA events are available online! If you missed out on any of these events, or want to revisit your favorite conference sessions, purchase the recordings. Enhance your knowledge of industry trends and learn from the comfort of your home or office.