Emerging Professionals
Award for Excellence

COAA recognizes the importance of investing in the future of the industry and the value that younger members provide to the organization. Beginning in 2019, COAA will honor one Emerging Professional who demonstrates outstanding service and contribution to the COAA organization. In addition, this person possesses strong leadership skills, exemplifies The COAA Way, and serves as an ambassador for Owner participation and education. The winner will be announced at COAA's Fall Owners Leadership Conference, held annually in November. The award recipient will receive a complimentary conference registration to that fall conference, hotel accommodations for up to three nights, and airfare to and from the event.


Applications for the Emerging Professional Award for Excellence (EPAFE) may be submitted beginning June 15th. All submissions are due by 11:59 EST on August 17. Applications not received by this time will not be eligible for consideration and will need to resubmit the following year.


The EPAFE is open to any COAA Emerging Professional Member 35 years or younger in good standing through the process of applying and acceptance of the award.


A final consideration regarding the award will be made in August / September and will be presented for approval to COAA’s Selection Committee. Award recipients will be recognized during COAA’s annual fall conference.

Award Benefits

  1. Press release on COAA Website
  2. Article in Owners Perspective magazine
  3. Complimentary Fall conference attendance
  4. Certificate & recognition at Fall Conference during Awards Ceremony

Criteria Eligible

  1. Emerging Professional Nominees must be either: An emerging owner, associate, or student COAA Member
  2. Age 35 or younger
  3. Show active engagement and participation as a COAA Member - Active Engagement is defined as participation in (three or more) of the following areas:
    • Provide Local or National Content Contributions
    • Attend one Local or Chapter EP event per year
    • Attend one national event every two years
    • Respond to monthly online posts via COAA Social Media – once per quarter
    • Show active COAA engagement as a volunteer at a local or national level.
    • A standout performance in ways that reflect The COAA Way (People, Best Practices, Culture)
  4. Award nominations may be submitted by a fellow COAA Member.
    1. Note: Self-Nominations are accepted.
    2. Note: Nominators are encouraged to notify nominees they have been selected for nomination and contact them to gain accurate information for the application submission.

Submission Requirements

Award Nominations must be submitted in the following manner:

  • Completed Award Application Form
  • Nominations must include two Letters of Recommendation from COAA Members who know the nominee. Select people to prepare the recommendations who know the nominee well rather than those whom you think will impress us. Ideally, the letters will provide comparative comments that distinguish the nominee from their peers.
  • Applications due by August 17

The Good Owner

The “good Owner” concept is an integral part of The COAA Way and is a recurring theme in many of COAA’s Owner Training Institute (OTI) courses, but what is it?

In this session recorded in April 2020 for industry partner CMAA, two COAA leaders – President Allison Muth and Executive Director Howie Ferguson – explain what a good Owner is, why that good Owner is correlated with project success, and ways how to be a good Owner.