The COAA Value Proposition

There are plenty of organizations offering educational content.

So what’s special or different about COAA?

The Construction Owners Association of America (COAA), founded in 1994, is a national organization of public and private Owners who manage facilities development and capital improvement projects. COAA supports Owners' success in facilities planning, design, and construction through education, information exchange, and collaboration.

That’s great, but there are other organizations doing something similar, so again…

Why is COAA different and better?

  1. A generalist approach to education, encompassing every aspect of the project
    delivery process.

  2. Meaningful events that allow a safe haven for sharing successes and failures with peers and partners.

  3. People who believe that being a “good Owner” matters and who understand that includes a sense of humility … knowing what you don’t know or need to improve.

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