The terms “small project” or “minor project” imply simplicity and ease, but Owners know that these projects are often the most difficult to execute.  Fewer zeroes, but just as many or more headaches, right?  Regardless of how different organizations might define the terms – for example, project cost of $5M or less OR construction cost of $500k or less – the challenges are fairly uniform.

COAA is in the midst of an initiative to help Owners improve their delivery of small or minor projects.  This effort began with a national survey of Owners in the fall of 2020 to identify both challenges (“pain points”) and best practices.  It continued with presentations and discussions at the national and local/chapter level … Owner members of COAA sharing their experiences, processes, and lessons learned.

There’s more to come, but peruse what we’ve captured so far … then let us know if you have ideas, thoughts, or knowledge to share.  It’s The COAA Way to learn from each other and pay it forward, so we’d love to hear what your organization has done to improve the planning, management, and delivery of small or minor projects.