California Chapter

President - Robin Tsuchida, University of California, San Diego
Vice President - Michael Roush, University of California, San Diego
Membership Chairs - Jim Carroll, University of California, Davis | Dale Harvey Jr., IBI Group
Social Media Chair - Kandice Lee, Swinerton


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The value of COAA membership is off-the-charts high. An entire Owner organization can join for $1,000/year. For an organization with 25 staff in the planning/design/construction department, that means a cost of only $40/person. Beyond the tangible benefits – especially for Emerging Pros (age 35 or younger) – membership also opens the door to engagement and volunteer opportunities. Give back to the industry, network with like-minded and motivated peers, direct the future of the organization, and build your resume.

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COAA members and/or sponsors of the COAA-CA chapter have some things on their mind and offer those thoughts here as an aid to Owners and other project stakeholders.  Enjoy!

A Data-Centric Approach to Program Management
by: Michael Roush |  Program Manager
University of California, San Diego