COAA Committees

Awards Committee

The purpose of the COAA Awards Committee is to oversee the process for the Project Leadership Award annual awards program that recognizes Owners’ excellence in project delivery.

Awards Committee Members

Communications Committee

This committee assists COAA staff with the planning & delivery of COAA communications, including the Owners Perspective magazine and the COAA website.

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Conference Committee

The Conference Committee plans, coordinates, and oversees the development of all presentations, panel discussions, and other informational sessions at COAA's bi-annual conferences. The Committee's primary focus is on providing Owners with high-quality.

Conference Committee Members

Education Committee

The purpose of the COAA Education Committee is to provide direction and guidance on the long-term education and training goals and objectives for COAA. A primary focus of this committee is to evaluate program value and educational/business opportunities while seeking new and innovative methods to meet the growing and changing educational needs of COAA members. This committee interfaces with the Owners Training Institute (OTI) Advisory Group, OTI Core Curriculum Task Force, and Conference Committee.

Education Committee Member

Emerging Professionals Committee

The purpose of the COAA Emerging Professionals Committee is to attract younger members and non-members to COAA by adding values and benefits that younger generations are looking for from an association and to enhance the experience of new members by fostering development, increasing opportunities, and promoting a sense of belonging to the next generation of COAA members and associates.

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OTI Advisory Group

This group provides general oversight of, and strategic visioning for, the Owner Training Institute and its curriculum, instructors, means of delivery, and fiscal viability.

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Scholarship Committee

The purpose of the COAA Scholarship Committee is to oversee the annual process for the two Albert E. Phillips Scholarships. COAA offers the Albert E. Phillips Scholarships annually to college students who are interested in pursuing a career in the design and construction industry.

Scholarship Committee Members