EP Educational Series:
Brain Food for Emerging Professionals

COAA is excited to announce a new component of the Owner Training Institute ... a monthly series of virtual courses for Emerging Professionals (EPs)!  These courses, which feature content developed by COAA member Smith Seckman Reid, will be offered at no cost to COAA member EPs.

Registration Type Registration Rates
Emerging Professionals - COAA Members Free
Non-Member Emerging Professionals $39 per session
All Others $49 per session

Buy six get one free!  All (7) of the 2021 courses can be purchased at a discounted price.  Contact Lucie Castro for more information. 

Course Listing
Date Course Title Course Description Instructors
06.15.21 Commissioning 101 Mark Smith 
Laura Ludwig
07.20.21 DOs and DON'Ts of Design Assist Scott Johnson
08.17.21 Use of BIM, LEAN, and Other Collaborative Tools Eduardo Calderon
09.21.21 Improvements in the Planning, Design, and Construction Process
through Integrated Project Delivery
Clay Seckman
10.19.21 The USGBC, LEED, and an Introduction to High Performance
Design and Construction

Rob Barrick
Hannah Walter
Niharika Kishore

11.16.21 Introduction to Healthy Buildings
(LEED, WELL, Fitwel, and Living Building Challenge)

Hannah Walter
Niharika Kishore

12.21.22 Mechanical Systems: Overview & Innovations in
Mechanical Systems

Craig Barbee

01.18.22 Code Required Commissioning -
What is Required, What Will Be Required, Why

Mark Smith
Laura Ludwig

02.15.22 LEED Credit Categories: LEED requirements, Integrative Process,
and Location and Transportation

Hannah Walter
Niharika Kishore

03.15.22 From Construction to Operations

Clay Seckman

04.19.22 IoT and Building Controls

Christopher Morales

05.17.22 Facility Commissioning; Building Envelope System

Andrew Hackett
Brian Marsh

06.21.22 WELL and Living Building Challenge Certification: Are You Ready?

Hannah Walter

07.19.22 LEED Credit Categories: Sustainable Sites and Water Efficiency

Hannah Walter
Niharika Kishore

08.16.22 Electrical (Lighting & Power), Fire Alarm, and Photovoltaic Systems

Nicole Kozmin

09.20.22 Whole Building Energy Performance: Driving Towards
Net-Zero and Energy Security

Clark Denson

10.18.22 Overview of Building Enclosure System and Consulting Services

Greg Isaacs

11.15.22 LEED Credit Categories: Energy & Atmosphere and
Materials & Resources

Hannah Walker
Niharika Kishore

12.20.22 Plumbing and Fire Protection: Systems Overview
and Design Innovations

Sam Luna

01.17.23 LEED Credit Categories: Indoor Environmental Quality,
Innovation and Regional Priority

Hannah Walker
Niharika Kishore

02.21.23 Building Performance Modeling and The Quest to Make A Difference

Andy Brophy
Clark Denson