Skilled Construction Workforce Shortage

The construction industry is facing a serious crisis - a shortage of skilled workers. Some of the reasons cited include an aging workforce and an industry image that does not promote a safe and healthy work environment or transition opportunities for folks as they mature in their career.

"Whatever the reasons, the shortage must be solved."

Mike Kenig, Holder Construction

The pool of talent that performs the actual construction, renovation, and repair work is dwindling, particularly in trades that demand years of training and hands-on experience. Without improved recruiting, training, and retention, we almost certainly face a decrease in quality of work, increased costs, increased safety issues, and other concerns.

COAA is taking a stand to help educate Owners, associates, and other industry partners about the workforce deficit issue and encourages Owners to begin taking steps to help remedy the problem.

Ways to Make an Impact
  • Make connections on a local level to implement solutions.
  • Increase awareness of local training and apprenticeship programs.
  • Recognize Owners who are taking steps to improve or at least call attention to the problem.
  • Reach out to your local ACE Mentor Program chapter and volunteer.

Watch the Workforce Shortage webinar (on demand) to learn more about why Owners should care and what you can do to create meaningful solutions. And, watch for more content on the workforce shortage issue at future COAA conferences and chapter workshops.

If you're a COAA member and interested in discussing this issue, sharing ideas, and learning from peers, join the Workforce eForum discussion in Microsoft TEAMS by contacting Jessica Bonin.