Construction Management at Risk

Course Description

Owners' project managers will learn what to expect from their Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) and how to leverage this method for maximum value. This will include best practices in the implementation of CMAR such as the art of the guaranteed maximum price (GMP), value engineering the right way, establishing and managing the use of contingencies, and many other valuable lessons learned. The course is interactive with project examples and group exercises. 

Participants will attain a comprehensive understanding of the CMAR delivery method and its mechanics from a three-person team of instructors led by an Owner along with an architect and a construction manager.
Learning Objectives
  1. Understand the “mechanics” of the CMAR method and how to leverage this method.
  2. Learn about the “art of the GMP” including scopes of work, trade reviews, allowances, and contingencies.
  3. Discover the best practices in the use of the CMAR method.