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Cost Management

Course Description  

Owners’ project managers will learn both best practices in the development of the project budget and strategies for maintaining the budget.  Topics include methods for designing to the budget, defining and managing contingencies, value management, use of allowances and alternates, change order management and the financial close out of the project. 

The course is interactive with group exercises and real-life project examples providing insights that illustrate best practices.  The course is conducted by COAA’s signature experienced 3-person team of instructors led by an experienced Owner, joined by an architect and contractor.

Learning Objectives
  1. Learn how an Owner establishes the appropriate project budget.
  2. Strategies to maintain the budget throughout the life of the project.
  3. Methods to get the best value for the owner’s funding.
  4. Strategies to consider with owner-furnished and non-construction items.
  5. Understand the differences in GMP versus lump sum price evaluations.
  6. Best practices to manage contingencies, change orders and the financial close out of the project.

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Available for virtual delivery in September of 2021!