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Design-Bid-Build: How to Make it Work Well

Course Description

Traditional Design-Bid-Build (DBB) remains a viable delivery method if thoughtfully planned and executed.  This course arms Owners with tangible, practical suggestions for improved DBB delivery with a concentrated focus on reducing risk.  Experience what it's like to be in a General Contractor's office on bid day ... learn how to avoid or overcome an adversarial relationship ... and discover strategies for improving the quality of construction documents and avoiding "bid busts."

Learning Objectives
  1. Understand and be able to overcome the challenges inherent with DBB delivery.
  2. Discuss, learn, and apply strategies for mitigating or offsetting risk from the Owner's perspective.
  3. Adopt techniques for successfully managing scope, cost, and schedule on DBB projects.
  4. Discover and apply tips & suggestions for maintaining a health working relationship with the GC.

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