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Course Description

Learn how to prepare, lead, and motivate a project team using the design-build
delivery method. Specific tools, strategies, and options are shared including:

  • The differences in managing the types of Design-Build (Closed Book vs. Open Book) and the aspects of each
  • Best practices on establishing the appropriate level of design criteria/project program and tools to achieve your goals
  • Strategies to maintain control of the design in design-build
  • Approaches to quality assurance using the design-build method
  • Tips for the management of a design-build project
Learning Objectives
  1. Understand the types of D-B (Closed Book and Open Book) and the differences with each.
  2. Learn about the primary approaches to D-B.
  3. Learn the importance of a strong project program/ design criteria.
  4. Identify best practices and strategies with D-B – preparing the Owner’s team, strong relationships/collaboration, design review, quality assurance, etc.

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