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Design Process Management

Course Description

The design phase establishes the course of a project, but many Owners lack the experience or understanding to manage and lead it properly.  This course will help Owners better understand how the design process works; why their leadership of it is crucial; and why pre-design programming and other due diligence helps ensure success.  Attendees will gain proven, valuable techniques and strategies for:

  • “Planning the plan” with design partners to thoroughly map a realistic design phase schedule
  • Ensuring the alignment of overall project goals with scope, budget/funding, and schedule
  • Mastering the delicate process of satisfying end-users and other stakeholders
Learning Objectives

1. Learn WHY it’s vital for the Owner to lead and manage the design process.
2. Understand the players (WHO) and the design process itself (WHAT).
3. Grasp the importance of planning & scheduling.
4. Discover best practices, tips, and suggestions for HOW to proactively lead the design process.

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