Founders Page

In late April of 2019, the story of the idea, formation, and early years of COAA as told by founder Al Phillips was captured on video. The end result is a 6-part series to be released between COAA’s spring conference in Austin and its fall conference in Atlanta.

We hope you’ll enjoy this interesting history as told by the man who conceived and helped start what is now the industry’s foremost association specifically of and for facility Owners.

Part 1 – Roots

Part 2 – The Idea

Part 3 – Gauging Interest

Part 4 – Formation

Part 5 – First Gatherings

Part 6 – Maturation

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The Good Owner

The “good Owner” concept is an integral part of The COAA Way and is a recurring theme in many of COAA’s Owner Training Institute (OTI) courses, but what is it?

In this session recorded in April 2020 for industry partner CMAA, two COAA leaders – President Allison Muth and Executive Director Howie Ferguson – explain what a good Owner is, why that good Owner is correlated with project success, and ways how to be a good Owner.