Gold Standard Comments

An exclusive benefit of COAA membership, these comments on ConsensusDocs provide Owners with an extra resource - the Owner's perspective on specific clauses in each contract.

ConsensusDocs contract documents are inherently more fair & balanced since all parties were part of the drafting process.  Still, the end products are the result of collaboration and compromise, which means some clauses or stipulations may be less than optimal for Owners.  These "Gold Standard" comments provide detailed suggestions and considerations for Owners and their legal counsel.

The Good Owner

The “good Owner” concept is an integral part of The COAA Way and is a recurring theme in many of COAA’s Owner Training Institute (OTI) courses, but what is it?

In this session recorded in April 2020 for industry partner CMAA, two COAA leaders – President Allison Muth and Executive Director Howie Ferguson – explain what a good Owner is, why that good Owner is correlated with project success, and ways how to be a good Owner.