COAA Owner Training Institute®

Lean For Owners

Most facility/project Owners have a basic understanding of what Lean means, but may not know enough to truly “speak the language,” understand which Lean strategies are best suited to a particular project or process improvement effort, and lead the team.  Two of the industry’s leading organizations – COAA and LCI, the experts when it comes to Owners and Lean – have partnered to fill that knowledge void.  This 1-day course will provide a broad overview of Lean tenets and fundamentals and equip attendees with the ability to implement at least three Lean techniques on their projects or within their organization.  As with other COAA Owner Training Institute® courses, learners will be led by a 3-person instructor team comprised of an Owner, design professional, and builder to ensure all perspectives are included.

COAA is proud to be partnering with the Lean Construction Institute on a new 8-hour class - geared specifically to Owners - on the tenets and fundamentals of Lean.  The course will be offered on October 19 as part of LCI's "Learning Day" in advance of the annual LCI Congress in Phoenix and may also be offered prior to COAA's fall conference in Henderson, NV.