Now is the Time to Show You Care

by: Mary Atchison, Yellow Wagon Leadership

“Between you and me, I am looking for a new job with a different company,” he said. As I dug deeper, he said he was feeling very burned out and frustrated with his current position. He liked the work, but he was really disappointed in the leadership, and he wanted to work for a company that was more supportive. 

He felt hurt, and said he thought company leadership was uncaring.

Any leader would shudder to think they were in jeopardy of losing a key employee, especially in very competitive hiring industries like construction.


Member Spotlight: Exact Sciences

by: Kyle Majchrowski, Banner Health & Collette Small, Whiting-Turner

Interview with Joel Schriever
What do all COAA members have in common? Each Owner, builder, and design partner wants to be the best collaborator, project team, and individual they can be, or in other words, they believe in The COAA Way. The COAA Way is a “way” for completing projects successfully, a desire to continuously improve, and a belief that working collaboratively will lead to greater success. Since The COAA Way is all about lessons learned and continuous improvement, let’s all learn from some of COAA’s fantastic members who are implementing this in their day to day lives.

A Data-Centric Approach to Capital Program Management

by Michael Roush, AIA, University of California, San Diego

Our lives are increasingly intertwined with data. From the web sites we visit to our social media interactions, every touchpoint is being tracked, analyzed, and used to predict our every want and need. 
Data alone cannot guarantee on time and on budget delivery, but it can align expectations with stakeholders and better define the most successful outcome available.

Lessons Learned ... and Learned Again

by:  Melanie Jattuso Ford, University of Georgia

Life lessons arrive in many forms. At times they come crashing into your life, making themselves known dramatically and with a flourish, wreaking havoc. Other times, they appear subtly and step in through the back door, providing helpful guidance. In the world of construction, there are many lessons that I have had to learn the hard way, through ‘experience.’ In reality, that is just a nice manner of stating that I screwed something up because I didn’t know any better, and unfortunately, didn’t even know enough to ask anyone for helpful guidance.


An Owners Only Course on Lean

by: Howie Ferguson, COAA

Lean. Sure, of course ... eliminating waste, right? Like puppies and world peace – who wouldn’t be in favor of it? But what does it really consist of and how specifically does it help with project delivery ... especially from the perspective of the Owner for whom a construction or renovation project is being done?

I'm so glad you asked!


Fun Things To Do Around COAA Connect Fall 2021

by: Jill McKenzie, COAA

If you registered for the upcoming conference, we’ve listed 10 things you can do around Henderson, NV. If not, what are you waiting for?