What'll Ya Have ... Cost, Quality, Schedule

by: Jere Smith, Atlanta Public Schools

When you walk in and sit at many restaurants, your friendly server often greets you with a version of the casual question, what’ll ya have? Typically, you have a wide range of choices, but most of us have our favorites, and after reviewing the menu and options available, we decide accordingly.
In the building planning/design/construction process, there are only three things to choose from … cost, quality, and schedule. Granted, on any project, there are hundreds if not thousands of choices, decisions, and things to manage, but they all generally fall into one of those three categories. When selections and decisions are made in the construction world, the impact is typically substantial, and you live with it for 20, 30, or more years … so Owners must choose wisely.

Scaling Up: The Push is On to Expand and Equip the Global Clean Energy Workforce

by:  Debra K. Rubin, Mary B. Powers, Scott Van Voorhis, Michael Dumiak Reprinted courtesy of ENR

Luisa Sanoli Boucher, a master’s degree candidate in the offshore wind engineering program at Tufts University, knew at age 13 what she would study. A project for a high school technical fair in her native Dominican Republic refined her career choice. “I presented a wind-powered generator,” she says. “I knew that a career in the electrical field would be in the clean energy sector.”


Procurement From the Owners Perspective

by: Kyle Majchrowski, Banner Health

You have seen the articles and may have experienced the phenomenon in your office. 4.4 million people (3% of the workforce) quit in September. The great resignation is what they are calling it. Now, unlike any time I can remember, people are leaving their positions in companies and, often, not returning to the workforce, either retiring early or just leaving. What that means is there are positions open everywhere, in every industry, and workers have choices. The gap is undoubtedly true in construction as we are seeing steady development everywhere, soaring in markets like Atlanta, with a workforce struggling to keep up. 

More than ever, employers need to take steps to attain and retain employees proactively.


Unlock the Power of Transparency in Unexpected Relationships

by: David Stutzman

All organizations have a method and process that works for their projects. The project team is assembled, the schedule is laid out, the budget is set, and away you go. Each phase of the project has its set of deliverables. Each deliverable has the appropriate project team members creating the content for discussion and decisions, before moving on to the next phase. All documentation delivered to the owner is an appropriate, clear, and clean set with obvious areas to review. Correct?

Georgia Chapter - Embracing The

by Melanie J. Ford, University of Georgia

It is often said that you get out of something what you put into it. That phrase is especially true for professional, volunteer-based organizations. COAA is no different in that respect, and we are fortunate that the Georgia Chapter of the Construction Owners Association of America has some very dedicated and hard-working volunteers. Over the last couple of years, we have increased our membership, sponsorship, and our presence in the state, while offering more content and volunteer opportunities, making greater contributions to our communities. We aren’t just hoping that this trend continues, but are making purposeful efforts to continue our positive growth and to look for more opportunities to make an impact within the AEC industry on behalf of COAA.


Things To Do In Denver ... Before or After COAA Connect Fall 2022

by: Ashley Dale

COAA Connect Fall 2022 is happening November 14-16 in beautiful Denver, Colorado. While the conference is reason enough to make the trip, there’s no shortage of other things to do in the city and nearby areas.  Add a few to your to-do list if you choose to arrive early, stay after or both!

Enclosed are a few highlights in a laundry list of things Denver has to offer.