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COAA Owner Training Institute®

Project Closeout

Course Description

Learn how planning, teamwork, and effective management are keys to successful closeout. Specific, proven tools and strategies will be shared, including:

  1. Why one starts the closeout process at the beginning of the project

  2. How and when building commissioning should really start

  3. Differences in project closeout based on project size (under $100K, under $1M, and over $1M)

  4. Tools to employ to streamline closeout including prompt punch list completion, complete O&M manuals, and efficient financial closeout

  5. How to deal with elements of closeout associated with non-construction vendors (i.e. furniture, moving, telecom, etc.)

Learning Objectives
  1. Learn WHY a complete and efficient closeout is beneficial for ALL stakeholders and participants.

  2. Understand the challenges and barriers to a successful closeout process.

  3. Hear and discuss strategies, tools, and best practices for improving the closeout process.


Rachel Prinkey

Don Bush

Hayes Todd

An abridged version of this course can be delivered virtually.

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