Brain Food: Construction Contracts: Exploring the Fundamentals

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In this informative webinar, join Carina M. Kraatz, a seasoned attorney specializing in commercial and construction litigation, as she takes you on a high-level exploration of the various types of construction contracts. From traditional lump-sum contracts to cost-plus contracts and everything in between, gain a comprehensive understanding of the landscape of construction agreements. Delve into the nuances, advantages, and potential pitfalls associated with each contract type, equipping yourself with essential knowledge for navigating the world of construction projects.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain familiarity with the different types of construction contracts commonly utilized in the industry, including lump-sum, cost-plus, unit-price, and design-build contracts.
  2. Understand the inherent advantages and disadvantages associated with each type of construction contract, enabling informed decision-making in contract selection.
  3. Identify key considerations and factors to weigh when determining the most suitable contract type for specific construction projects, ensuring alignment with project goals and objectives.
  4. Enhance proficiency in assessing and negotiating construction contracts by learning practical dos and don'ts from a legal perspective, empowering participants to safeguard their interests effectively.


Carina Kraatz

Carina M. Kraatz is a shareholder at Kitch Attorneys & Counselors in Detroit, Michigan.  She focuses her practice in commercial and construction litigation.  Ms. Kraatz also leads the Firm’s intellectual property practice, helping her clients with litigation, patent, trademark prosecution, trade secret protection, image misappropriation, copyright, and other infringement issues.

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