Brain Food: Culture Matters: How a Project Team Survived a Mass Exodus

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On a $10M+ design and construction project in rural Wyoming, the project delivery team experienced a very unique event.  While all multi-year projects deal with staff turnover at some point, this project suffered a loss of more than 60% of its original team leaders … most of which occurred between the end of design and the start of construction.  This session will explore the specific team-building and project culture-setting strategies employed throughout the project, helping carry it to successful completion despite the leadership changes

Learning Objectives

Attendees will

  • discover how to successfully set and maintain culture on a project;
  • identify how the Owner culture and belief system of collaboration helps set expectations and deliver the work;
  • explore what specific tools and techniques are applicable to other projects; and
  • examine the continuing efforts taken by the team to keep the culture alive and vibrant.