COAA Launches Project Management Workload Survey


Attention, Owners!  If you've ever felt like your project management team is stretched thin, but struggled to justify the need for more staff, we have great news for you. COAA is currently developing something that may help.

Our Project Management Workload Survey was designed to gather information from Owners throughout the U.S. on staff size and workload. The survey consists of roughly 20 questions for some (less for others), making it quick and easy to complete. We believe the data compiled will allow Owners to benchmark workload metrics and get a better sense of how their workload-to-staff ratio aligns with other Owners.

We built the survey in Survey Monkey, but you’re welcome to instead participate by completing and returning THIS Word document to Jill McKenzie, COAA's Manager of Membership & Sponsorship.

Keep in mind that the survey will close on Friday, July 7. As a participant, you’ll receive a copy of the final report as soon as it is released. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to contribute and benefit from this valuable resource!