eForum xChange: Open Discussion - December 2023

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The meeting began with Howie Ferguson discussing the results of a survey conducted earlier in the year, which aimed to benchmark staff workload and make the case for hiring more staff. The survey received participation from 70 owner organizations, and the results were compiled into a report by Dodge Data and Analytics. The group also discussed the monthly members-only gathering, which is an open forum for discussion on various topics.

During the meeting, the speakers discussed their experiences with Cm at Risk contracts and the importance of transparency in financial records. They mentioned the use of a third-party auditor to ensure that the books are clean and that the Cm can do their work effectively. The group also discussed the importance of third-party auditing in managing CMR contracts and ensuring compliance with the contract.

The speakers also discussed the challenges and risks involved in including Dedi requirements in Cm Gc contracts. They mentioned successful programs that encourage disadvantaged populations to enter the construction industry, such as an introduction to the trades class and a program that encourages Cm and Gc to hire interns from disadvantaged populations and apprentices from the surrounding area.

The meeting also included discussions on strategies for building camaraderie and celebrating failure in the workplace. The team shared their experiences with weekly or monthly meetings where staff can share problems and solutions, visiting completed projects as a team, and even having a fun end-of-year meeting where they vote on the best project manager. They all agreed that creating a positive office culture is crucial for reducing stress and increasing productivity.

Finally, Jessica Bonin and Howie Ferguson provided updates on changes to the meeting format and conference registration. The team will be transitioning from the current meeting calendar format to Zoom and moving registration to their events page. Registration for next year's single national conference will be available soon, along with other events such as the brain food series and OTI classes. Early bird rates will be available for the conference, and attendees are encouraged to take advantage of them.