The Value of Architecture

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What is the value of architecture?

Intriguing question, huh?  Even more intriguing when you learn who’s asking it ... the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and its Strategic Council.

AIA has asked COAA and its members to participate in something that’s more than a survey or a study.  Rather, a series of discussions to gather Owners’ perceptions of both architects and architecture.  Questions to be posed include:

·        What qualities & services do “serial builder” Owners expect these days from their design professionals?

·        Where specifically are architects achieving or falling short with respect to those expectations?

The topic debuted on August 2 in the members-only eForum xChange.  You can see a brief snippet of that discussion below, but it’s just the beginning.  “The value of architecture” will be a focal point of the Wisconsin chapter’s September 21 workshop in Madison – info and registration can be found below – and has been confirmed as a workshop on day #1 of COAA Connect Fall 2022 in Denver (November 14-16).  In each case, practicing architects who serve on AIA’s Strategic Council will lead the discussion.

Ultimately, the goal is to improve the services provided by architects, so why wouldn’t Owners want to take part?  Kudos to AIA for posing the question and inviting COAA to participate ... now it’s up to you to practice The COAA Way by jumping in and letting your voice be heard.