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Schedule Management

Course Description

Learn best practices for the development of an Owner’s project schedule including the “Do’s and Don’ts” and strategies to manage the schedule during both the design and construction phases. Topics include how to properly review the schedule and schedule updates, proactive strategies to maintain the schedule, how to identify the warning signs if things are going off track, methods to manage float, and approaches to deal with various types of delays and make up time.

Learning Objectives
  1. Learn the role of all parties regarding schedule on a typical construction project.
  2. Understand what obligations the Owner has for the project schedule and the associated legal implications.
  3. Discover the keys to developing the project schedule in collaboration with the A/E and the Contractor.
  4. Acquire strategies and tools to successfully manage and monitor the schedule.
  5. Learn methods to deal with schedule impacts and delays as well as scheduling pitfalls.

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