2022 Annual Business Meeting

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COAA hosted its virtual Annual Business Meeting on October 27,  with approximately 70 members in attendance. The purpose of the meeting, which is required per COAA’s bylaws, was to update the membership on the overall status and health of the Association.  Presenters Allison Muth (President), Howie Ferguson (Executive Director), and the rest of the staff addressed these specific topics before opening the floor to questions or comments:

  • Strategic goals and the ways those goals are being pursued
  • Membership trends & statistics
  • A recap of 2022 in terms of financial affairs, event attendance, and other happenings & initiatives
  • Volunteers and the many ways in which COAA members engage and contribute to the overall mission
  • Announcement of Board elections occurring after the national conference
  • A brief summary of what’s envisioned to take place in 2023 and beyond

Members who were unable to attend can download the slide deck here.  

Special shout-out to Skippy for attending the entire meeting.  We don’t know who you are, but we appreciate you being there, Skippy!  We have a Starbucks gift card waiting for you if you chose to reveal your identity.