Benchmarking Student Housing Project Data

Posted By: Howie S. Ferguson Education, Get Involved, Membership, News,

Auburn University recently opened bids on a new student housing facility (350+ beds) and sought to benchmark the pricing against other projects completed since 2020.  They compiled data from roughly 30 institutions and are willing to share the results with fellow COAA members since ... well, it’s The COAA Way!  Log in and then visit this page of the COAA website to view the data or download it as a CSV file.

It’s also The COAA Way to reciprocate, so we invite you to augment the Auburn data.  If your higher ed institution has completed a student housing project since 2020 – or is in the midst of delivering one – please use the same link to enter information regarding that project.

NOTE:  This data was gathered & compiled from publicly available information by a member institution.  By sharing this data and encouraging its members to augment it, COAA is not suggesting what the cost of on-campus housing should be.