Health & Wellbeing: An AIA Resolution

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Human health & wellbeing should be part of what's considered when facilities are being designed & built, right?  Seems kind of obvious, but it turns out that just complying with building codes isn't enough.  Ditto for many sustainability initiatives, like LEED certification, which are focused more on the health of the planet than people.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is considering a resolution to begin changing that ... to elevate human health & wellbeing in the context of architectural design; to leverage studies, reports, and data regarding the intersection of design with health & wellbeing; and to update AIA policies and doctrines (including the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct) to make human health & wellbeing a primary goal of architectural practice.

COAA endorses this AIA resolution but would still love to hear from its members.  Do you agree or does anything about this cause concern or beg questions, particularly from the Owner's perspective?

You can view the complete resolution HERE and you can share your thoughts directly with me via e-mail.