Let's Get Physical and Exercise That COAA Membership

Posted By: Howie S. Ferguson

Did you know Olivia Newton-John was a high school dropout?  Worked out pretty well.


What in the world does this have to do with COAA or anything else?  Well ... for those under 40, Google that ONJ tune from the early 1980s and the corresponding fitness craze.  After a decade of inflation, weed, and exhaling from war/strife/Watergate/etc., the nation woke up and decided that physical fitness might be wise.


We submit to you that mental fitness is just as wise, especially coming off two years that were far weirder than Pet Rocks, leisure suits, Ziggy Stardust, or anything else from the 70s.


Just like the gym, though, you can’t just be a member of COAA to stretch that brain ... you have to lean forward, participate, and engage.


As a member of COAA, you have access to reduced event prices and a host of benefits:

  • eCatalog repository
  • Owners Perspective magazine
  • eForum
  • eForum xChange
  • Members-Only Directory
  • ConsensusDocs Gold Standard Comments


All of these are included in your membership, so use them!  Unsure how?  Let us know – we can help – and you’ll find it’s easier than setting up that overpriced elliptical in your basement.


Here’s another way for COAA members to engage both the right and left sides of their brain … consider volunteering.  The lifts range from light to heavy, come with spotters (that’s a weightlifting reference), and present another way to both network and pad that resume.


Sounds good, COAA, but I haven’t joined your gym yet, so whaddya got for me?  Oh, don’t worry ... the front lobby of our mental fitness center is open to the public and includes all this FREE stuff:


Yea ... we know.  You’re busy.  All of us who choose to work are busy, but there’s still room amidst the J-O-B and life/family to leverage your COAA membership and flex that frontal lobe.  Leg warmers optional!